Carnegie Stages - 2nd Trimester Pregnancy3rd Trimester Pregnancy3rd Trimester PregnancyCarnegie Stage 1 - Fertilization Carnegie Stage 2 - CleavageCarnegie Stage 3 - Early BlastocystCarnegie Stage 4 - ImplantationCarnegie Stage 5 - Implantation CompletedCarnegie Stage 6 - GastrulationCarnegie Stage 7 - NeurulationCarnegie Stage 8 - Primitive PitCarnegie Stage 9 - First SomitesCarnegie Stage 10 - Neural Folds, Heart TubeCarnegie Stage 11 - Optic VesicleCarnegie Stage 12 - Upper Limb BudsCarnegie Stage 13 - First Layer Skin Carnegie Stage 14 - Esophagus FormingCarnegie Stage 15 - Cerebral Hemispheres FormingCarnegie Stage 16 - Hindbrain DevelopingCarnegie Stage 17 - Primitive germ cellsCarnegie Stage 19 - Semicircular Canals Forming in Inner EarCarnegie Stage 20 - Spontaneous MovementCarnegie Stage 21 - Intestines MigrateCarnegie Stage 22 - Brain can move musclesCarnegie Stage 23 - End of embryonic developmentWeeks 10 to 11 - Basic Brain Structure CompleteWeeks 12 to 13 - Fetus begins to move aroundWeeks 14 to 15 - Sexual organs now clearly visibleWeeks 16 to 17 - Fingerprints and toe prints beginWeeks 18 to 19 - Brown fat surrounds the lymphatic system.Weeks 20 to 21 - Bone marrow starts making blood cellsWeeks 22 to 23 - Inner ear bones harden, hearing possibleWeeks 24 to 25 - Sensory brain waves begin to activateWeeks 26 to 27 - Lungs begin to produce sufacantWeeks 28 to 29 - Brain Surface Convolutions BeginWeeks 39 to 40 - Baby full termWeeks 41 - 41 Baby full termWeeks 38 to 39 - Fetal liver is producing blood cellsWeeks 36 to 37 - Body is round and plump with white fatWeeks 34 to 35 - Gastrointestinal system still very immatureWeeks 32 to 33 - Fetus begins to develop immune systemWeeks 30 to 31 - Rapid brain growth; head size increasesPregnancy - 1st TrimesterPregnancy - 1st Trimester

The Visible Embryo
is a visual guide through fetal development from fertilization through pregnancy to birth. As the most profound physiologic changes occur in the "first trimester" of pregnancy, these Carnegie stages are given prominence on the birth spiral.

The shape and location of embryonic
internal structures and how they
relate and are connected to each
other is essential to understanding
human development. Medical
professionals create a mental picture
of this process in order to determine
how well the fetus is progressing. It is
also the basis of knowing how and when
errors in development occur and if a
possibility exists for a corrective

It is equally important for expectant
parents to understand the relationship
of these internal structures and how
their infant develops through pregnancy.

Creating the images for The Visible Embryo, included capturing data from slides and three dimensional structures on fetal anatomy in The National Institutes of Health, Carnegie Collection of embryos, as well as from 3D and 4D ultra sound images.

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